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Please feel welcome to join the Milwaukee Public Library in celebrating The Big Read in 2010 by reading the Klondike classic Call of the Wild by author/adventurer Jack London.
The Call of the Wild, published in 1903, was based on London's personal experiences as a gold prospector during the winter of 1897 on the frozen expanses of the Yukon. Though the novel is often considered to be a children's story, it contains depictions of brutality that may be more suitable for older readers.
The story follows Buck, a kidnapped domesticated dog, as he lives and learns while a sled dog in the harsh Yukon wilderness. While Buck survives many hardships from multiple owners, some crueler than others, he slowly loses his domesticated sensibilities and begins to regress to the way of his ancestors, the wolves, after a beloved master is killed and he unleashes brutal retribution upon the attackers.
Join other readers in discussing this important work of American fiction at numerous discussions at Milwaukee Public Libraries throughout the City of Milwaukee.
For more information regarding the Big Read please click here: Milwaukee Public Museum.

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