The Private Lives of Pippa Lee by Rebecca Miller

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Fifty-something Pippa Lee has kept many secrets and experimented with different and sometimes dangerous lifestyles before finding herself in a quiet upstate community with her considerably older husband, a celebrated book publisher. Rebecca Miller's novel chronologically reveals glimpses of the past and hints at why Pippa is becoming unsettled, if not unhinged by her role as perfect wife and mother of two young adults. Strange happenings in the dead of night intermingle with episodes from Pippa's earlier years. She survived her mother's addiction to 'diet aids', became immersed in a very edgy underground art scene in New York and had casual affairs with lots of people, including a man disastrously married to a very jealous woman. Miller adapted her own book and directed the sadly overlooked 2009 film The Private Lives of Pippa Lee. Pippa is convincingly portrayed by three actresses - Robin Wright [Penn], Blake Lively and Madeline McNulty - with some terrific supporting work by Winona Ryder and Alan Arkin.

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