Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah

Winter Garden.jpg

Meredith and Nina are two sisters, one a mom and business woman, the other a famous photographer, but both are scarred from the perceived disapproval of their mother. When, on his deathbed, their father makes Nina promise that she will get their mother to tell them once again a Russian fairy tale that she often told them when they were children, only now she is to tell them the story completely, to the end, the girls get an entirely different picture of their mother. What unfolds is a story within a story, and how through the story the two daughters are finally able to understand their mother and she is able to receive the vindication and healing caused by her experiences.

I thought the author did a very good job of melding the two stories. I never felt confused as to what story she was telling and neither story dragged. It was a very enjoyable read. Check catalog for availability.

- Submitted by Mary S. @ MPL Central




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