Floodmarkers by Nic Brown


Less a debut novel than twelve short stories linked together, Floodmarkers deftly describes fictional events that happen to the slightly strange inhabitants of Lystra, North Carolina while Hurrican Hugo ravages the small town on September 22, 1989.
The stories are grouped into four parts of the day with common characters appearing in a number of the stories as the day progresses and events unfold. Funny, serious, tragic and exhilarating, these stories run the gamut of emotions and ultimately comprise a story of triumphant and flawed humanity. Though all twelve stories could be read and enjoyed individually, when joined together, they tell the story of a community as a whole, which is somewhat reminiscent of what Sherwood Anderson did in the classic American novel Winesburg, Ohio. Though this piece isn't on the same plateau as Anderson's work, it certainly bears an enthusiastic read from fans of short stories.

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