The Red Door by Charles Todd

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In 1920, Lancashire England, a woman lies murdered in a house with a red door. At the same time in London, a man suffering from a mysterious physical breakdown, is taken to a private clinic and suddenly disappears. Set in a time when England was recovering from the terrible grief that followed the Great War, these two seemingly unrelated events intersect.

The Red Door is the twelfth book in the series featuring Inspector Ian Rutledge, the shell shocked trench war veteran, who goes through his post-war life accompanied by the almost constant taunting voice of the dead Corporal Hamish MacLeod. Suffering from what today would be diagnosed as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Inspector Rutledge must solve both cases while struggling to regain his position in Scotland Yard and his sanity. The Red Door is a mystery rich in the social details of England between the wars. Perfect summer beach and pool reading.

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