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20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill

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20th Century Ghosts is a short story collection by Joe Hill. Hill is the son of Stephen King, but is a talented horror writer from his own accord. Hill was recommended to me by my sister, also a librarian and I read his first book Heart Shaped Box and enjoyed it well enough. I really enjoyed Hill's direct, concise writing style and decided to pick up this collection. Though ghost is in the name, only one of the stories - which shares the books title - is really a ghost story. The rest range from the macabre to gruesome to touching to just plain confusing. What impressed me most what that all of the stories were written by the same person - the styles and plots of each story were all so different, that it seemed more like an anthology of horror writers. My favorite story was the first one, "Best New Horror" which almost a week after reading I am still thinking about. Pick up the book to at least read that one!

Submitted by Meredith, WTBBL


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