MEDIUM RAW: A Bloody Valentine To The World Of Food And The People Who Cook by Anthony Bourdain.


Skewer the Food Network and deep fry Alice Waters. Barbecue Rachel Ray until crisp (at least until she sends you a fruit basket). Blend with praise for the unsung (and often undocumented) workers who are keeping the restaurants of this country open. Sprinkle with mentions of Milwaukee, both sweet and sarcastic. Expose "Kobe beef" burgers to the light, along with molecular gastronomy and vegetarians. Roast villains like Gael Green, Alain Ducasse and the James Beard House. Toast heroes like Fergus Henderson and Grant Achatz. Blend some sordid tales of past misdeeds with one father's dirty war against McDonalds. Have an amuse-bouche of 'food porn' writing. Spice heavily with four-letter words and political incorrectness and serve - to the cooks, the curious, the culinary groupies and anyone else who enjoys insider gossip about "the world of food and the people who cook".

Ten years after Kitchen Confidential, ex-chef, former addict and reformed hustler (and current writer, husband and father, and television host) Anthony Bourdain is back with another helping of his controversial and hilarious stories and opinions with Medium Raw.

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