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Raisin' Cain: The Wild and Raucous Story of Johnny Winter by Mary Lou Sullivan


The up and down and down and out life of guitar slinger Johnny Winter is thoughtfully chronicled in this enjoyable memoir. Born an albino in the rough and tumble world of southern Texas, Johnny learned his chops listening to elder statesmen of the blues like Muddy Waters and Elmore James. He rose to fame quickly, playing Woodstock with his brother Edgar and releasing a slew of successful albums throughout the 1970's that often mixed traditional blues with rock n roll. From heroin addiction to managers who blatantly ripped him off, Johnny Winter's life has been one of turmoil, staggering success and dismal failure. The author conducted extensive interviews with Johnny, and his bluntness and honesty during these interviews reflect the bluntness and honesty of his music and show a musician of uncanny ability who has the grit and gumption to live life on his own terms as a bluesman.

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The Milwaukee Public Library offers an extensive collection of CD releases by Johnny Winter.

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Steve Sharp:

I look forward to reading this book. Johnny's dedication to the blues and his connections in the blues business will be fascinating to read about. It will be a side of the blues that is rarely seen. Nice one 8-Pack. STEVE


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