Chick Ink : 40 Stories Of Tattoos -- And The Women Who Wear Them.

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Chick Ink : 40 Stories Of Tattoos -- And The Women Who Wear Them. Edited by Karen L. Hudson.

No longer are tattoos just for rebels and soldiers. More and more men and women are getting them and society is slowly starting to accept this art form. Perhaps? I found the stories in Chick Ink unique and fascinating. Each chapter focuses on a different woman who speaks about her reasons for permanently adorning her skin with images and words. At the end of the book I had one lingering question. How was the author able to limit the book to only 40 stories?

Submitted by Paula N. @ MPL Central

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I'm not positive if I want a tattoo or not. I am super nervous about the pain and maybe regretting that I got it later when I'm older. I'm going to keep searching for some cool ideas, and maybe one day I'll find that one design that's just for me.




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