Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin.


After fifteen year old Liz takes a journey on the SS Nile she arrives at Elsewhere, the "place" where people go after they die. Her first task while in Elsewhere is to go to Binoculars #219 and watch her own funeral as it takes place down on Earth. She absolutely hates her new "life" and cannot let go of her former life, so she goes to the Binoculars everyday to watch her family and friends as they live out their daily lives. However, Liz has new responsibilities now that she is dead. Even though she is only teenager, she needs to get a job, earn money, learn to drive a car, and make new friends. Full of happiness and sadness, Zevin writes a sweet story about accepting the lot you are given and truly loving those around you. Check catalog for availability.

Submitted by Paula N. @ MPL Central

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