Fever Dream by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child


A new book by Preston & Child always comes with a plus and a minus - Plus: another great Pendergast outing sure to satisfy, Minus: no matter how long it is, it'll be over too soon. Special Agent Aloysius X.L. Pendergast is a singular creation - an FBI agent well versed in the fantastic and macabre, brilliant, eccentric, with a wry sense of humor and impeccable style. The series has covered ancient curses in the New York Museum, serial killers, stolen artifacts, anthropology, strange cults, and the criminally insane - all with great characters and compelling plot. However, Fever Dream delves the furthest yet into the intensely personal and mysterious history of Agent Pendergast. From the shade of the musasa trees in Musalangu, Zambia to the black oaks dripping with Spanish moss in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, the authors weave the story of the shocking death of Pendergast's wife during an African safari. A death he has recently come to find was no accident. Taking along with him the only man he trusts, NYPD Lt. Vincent D'Agosta, Pendergast delves into the murder of his wife - and finds the woman he loved had a past just as mysterious as his own. Throughout their travels the men will search for the secrets behind a lost Audubon print, an extinct parrot, and a family's descent into madness. Check catalog for availability.

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