Green Barbarians: Live Bravely on Your Home Planet By Ellen Sandbeck

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In this book Sandbeck provides an engaging explanation of why many cleaning products pollute instead of clean and why some microbes are necessary to keep us healthy. She provides concrete examples of how to simplify the way you run your home by using fewer chemical contaminants and enlisting the helpful agents that mother nature provides to keep us healthy. She asserts that the companies who market household products have been selectively using scientific data to make us afraid of our own natural environment and encourage a consumer culture that is making us sicker. Some of her suggestions would be hard for the average person to adopt but many of her suggestions are practical and less expensive than the products being marketed to us. Interesting scientific facts were delivered in an upbeat tone that is designed for the layperson. Check catalog for availability.

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1 Comment

What a neat book! If you're finding some of the suggestions are a little impractical, you can turn to some great web resources for green cleaning tips. I like Planet Green's website:




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