Le Morte DArthur by Sir Thomas Malory and Illustrated by Aubrey Beardsley. Third Edition, 1529.


"This, the third edition of Le Morte DArthur with Aubrey Beardsley's designs is limited to 1600 copies, after printing which the type has been distributed."

Le Morte DArthur contains hundreds of drawings by Aubrey Beardsley, most, if not all, of which were made specifically for Sir Thomas Malory's text. The first (1485), second (1498) and third (1529) editions vary slightly in the number of drawings accompanying the text as well as number of chapters. Also, the third edition has the original cover design.

The third edition follows "accurately and completely the best text, [and] shall be modernized in spelling and punctuation... [while maintaining] the grammar of the period in which it was written." Interestingly the original manuscript completed in 1469 has never been found.

If you are interested in tales about King Arthur and his court, or would like to view the fantastical drawings by Aubrey Beardsley you can make an appointment to see this 1529 volume of Morte DArthur by calling the Art, Music and Recreation department at the Central Library at 414-286-3000. Here is catalog information for this book.

If you'd like to see other books related to this item, here are a plethora of others that the Milwaukee Public Library holds.

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