The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand


Beach Read! Beach Read! Literally.
A tight-knit group of four couples living on Nantucket Island do everything together. They take vacations, celebrate happy occasions, and even spend most Sundays together. They even make up a name for their group - The Castaways. Then one beautiful August day, one couple does not come back from a sail that they took to celebrate their twelfth wedding anniversary. Tess and Greg McAvoy die under suspicious circumstances.

How could this happen to them? Tess and Greg were school teachers and well-known in the community. They were the All-American couple raising the lovely twins, Finn and Chloe. As we know by now - not everything is as it seems. Tess and Greg had many secrets.

Now the rest of the couples must deal with their grief and the tragedy, bringing to the surface their own secrets they need to address as they try to figure out who the McAvoys really were.

While reading this book, it reminded me of the summers when I was younger and could read anything I wanted, and watch soap operas (not allowed) if my mom was working during the day. Summer, reading, soap opera all in one book. Check catalog availability.

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