Tokyo Vice


Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan by Jake Adelstein (c2009)

From 1993 to 2005, Jake Adelstein was a reporter for Japan's largest newspaper, Yomiuri Shinbun. He was the first American hired for such a position, which gained him entry into many aspects of Japan's culture that are often closed off to foreigners. He primarily covered the police beat - homicides, yakuza (i.e. mob) activity, the sex trade and, eventually, human trafficking - where his gaijin status was either a help or a hindrance depending on the situation at hand. Always hungry for a story, Adelstein piled up both friends and enemies and didn't shy from putting himself in harm's way. Tokyo Vice, Adelstein's memoir of his time in Japan, makes for a gripping read, as long as you don't mind a bit of machismo. Check catalog for availability.

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