Jane Bites Back by Michael Thomas Ford


Ford writes a witty and hilarious story about Jane Austen living in the present day as Jane Fairfax the vampire. This satire of the seemingly hundreds of Jane Austen spinoffs is, in fact, yet another spinoff profiting from Jane Austen's endless popularity among readers, especially those who can't get enough. In this novel Jane tries to live a quite life as a small town bookstore owner while attempting to publish, Constance, a manuscript she secretly wrote when she was still alive. One crazy mishap after another leads readers to wonder if Jane's book will ever be published and if her true identity will be disastrously revealed to all. Check catalog for availability.

Ford will write a sequel to this book called Jane Goes Batty which will tell the tale of the highly acclaimed novel Constance being made into to a movie.

Submitted by Paula N. @ MPL Central

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