Oprah's Final Book Club Selection: Freedom by Jonathan Franzen

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It's Oprah's farewell season, and the talk show queen has announced her final book club selection. Jonathan Franzen's bestelling Freedom is a critically and popularly acclaimed tragicomedy about the changes and challenges in the lives of aging baby boomers. However, the story I'm engrossed in right now isn't the book itself, but the juicy gossip surrounding the pick.

That's right - Oprah and Franzen have a history. In 2001, Oprah picked Franzen's The Corrections for her book club. Most authors would be thrilled - a coveted Oprah sticker on the cover pretty much guarantees skyrocketing sales, after all. But not Franzen. He publicly suggested that Oprah's literary taste was not up to his highbrow artistic standards, and worried that her seal of approval would actually deter his (presumably discerning, male) readers.

As you might imagine, Oprah did not seem to be thrilled about this. Franzen's invitation to come speak on her show was quietly rescinded. And that was the end of that, for the better part of a decade.

So you can imagine my - and everybody else's - surprise when Oprah announced Franzen's book as her very last book club pick. Has she forgiven and forgotten? Or is the book just that darn good?

I don't know, but I can't wait to read it and find out. Check catalog for availability.

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