Banned Books Week--Sandpiper by Ellen Wittlinger


Sandpiper Hollow Ragsdale is 17 and the kids at school call her a slut. She learned that dating would get her attention and power, though she doesn't even like the guys and usually dumps them after a few days. Derek, her most recent boyfriend, thinks she owes him--and his friends, much more than she is willing to offer.

She can't talk to her parents about the threats Derek's making because they're too busy with their own lives. Her mother is getting remarried and her father is a serial dater of younger women.

Enter a mysterious loner, the Walker; so named because he's always walking around town, never riding in cars. Sandpiper knows nothing more about him, not even his real name, but he offers her a platonic friendship and they develop a genuine relationship while defending one another.

Not one to shy away from tough subjects, Wittlinger's Sandpiper is no exception.
Challenged due to sexual content and language, this well written book takes an interesting look at high school and reputation. Once you have a particular rep, whether deserved or not, it can be very difficult to change people's perceptions.

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