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Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise - Get to Know Ben Franklin

With the final week of the Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World exhibit and the approach of the annual Benjamin Franklin Awards Celebration, good old Ben just seems to be in the library air lately. (Perhaps that's not surprising, considering he had a hand in creating them.) Get involved by reading about one of the most interesting and accomplished men in history.


Benjamin Franklin : an American life, by Walter Isaacson.

This truly enjoyable read focuses as much on Franklin's personal life as it does on his extraordinary civic and scientific accomplishments. I loved discovering Ben Franklin as a whole person, multifaceted, flawed, and fascinating, rather than just an icon.

The first scientific American : Benjamin Franklin and the pursuit of genius, by Joyce E. Chaplin.

When you think of Benjamin Franklin, what comes to mind first? Chances are it's related to his role as a founding father. This biography focuses instead on his scientific achievements, which are often overshadowed in our memory by his political self. A unique look at Franklin's life and achievements.

The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, introduction by Lewis Leary

What better way to learn about a man than from his own book? Although Franklin's bestselling autobiography is unfinished, and what exists is widely regarded as exaggerated, it still offers a compelling insight into a complex, brilliant man. To me, it's most interesting not because it tells us who Franklin really was, but because it tells us how he wanted to be perceived.


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