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At our very successful Milwaukee Knits program (yay!) this past week, a guy came up to me. "Why're you doing this?" he asked, pointing to the yarn-loving hordes. "Isn't knitting just for old ladies?"

Well, according to this timely article in the Journal-Sentinel, as well as my own personal experience as a knitter under thirty, knitting is definitely not just reserved for the retirement set. If you're a punk, a vixen, an eco-chic hipster, or just a fabulous person of either gender at any age, there's needlecrafting awesomeness for you.

The Rebel
You love knitting, but the little fluffy duckies and clouds you see in so many patterns make you want to run screaming. If you're more the skull-and-crossbones type, you'll enjoy these books.

anticraft.jpg punk.jpg

Anticraft : knitting, beading, and stitching for the slightly sinister, by Renée Rigdon and Zabet Stewart
Pretty in punk : 25 punk, rock, and goth knitting projects / by Alyce Benevides and Jaqueline Milles

The Vixen
If knitting is for grandmas, well, you're one hot mama. The patterns in these books aren't necessarily bare-all (though some are); many simply embrace your inner confidence, sexiness, and sense of fun.

domiknitrix.jpg naughty needles.jpg big girl knits.jpg

Domiknitrix : whip your knitting into shape, by Jennifer Stafford
Naughty needles : sexy, saucy knits for the bedroom and beyond, by Nikol Lohr
Big girl knits : 25 big, bold projects shaped for real women with real curves, by Jilllian Moreno and Amy R. Singer

The indie crafter
You have a DIY ethic that values community and creativity over processed, perfect, and prepackaged products. These books are about getting to know the writers and creating quirky handmade projects.

mochimochi.jpg mason dixon knitting.jpg aware knits.jpg

Knitting mochimochi : 20 super cute strange designs for knitted amigurumi toys, by Anna Hrachovec
Mason-Dixon knitting : the curious knitters' guide: stories, patterns, advice, opinions, questions, answers, jokes, and pictures, by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne
AwareKnits : knit & crochet projects for the eco-conscious stitcher / Vickie Howell and Adrienne Armstrong

The man
Of course, people of either gender can enjoy the books above. However, it's true that knitting resources are mostly targeted at or used by women. So, guys, here are a few books just for you.

knitting with balls.jpg knitting for him.jpg

Knitting with balls : a hands-on guide to knitting for the modern man, by Michael del Vecchio.
Knitting for him : 27 classic projects to keep him warm, by Martin Storey & Wendy Baker




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