The Inkheart Trilogy by Cornelia Caroline Funke


Who among us has not wished to live in the world that exists in one of our favorite stories? Or to have some wonderful piece of that story become a reality in ours? For Meggie and her father Mo the pages of books become portals to other worlds that allow people, animals, and everything else to pass back and forth... although sometimes at a high or dangerous cost. Not the lighthearted children's fairytale you may think it would be Inkheart overflows with malevolent characters vying for power and revenge popping up in one world and then blasting back into their own wreaking havoc wherever they land. In this trilogy readers and writers (those featured in the book), and those who control them, hold the ultimate power to permanently alter the worlds around them constantly leaving the characters and us precariously unbalanced and unsure of how it will all turn out. Who will live? Who will die, when, and how many times?

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