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The cheapskate next door : the surprising secrets of Americans living happily below their means by Jeff Yeager


It's Money Smart Week, which got me thinking about a fun personal finance book I read recently. Yes, you read that right - it's a finance book that's actually enjoyable to read. Jeff Yaeger's The Cheapskate Next Door is funny, hands-on, and not preachy for a moment. It avoids everything that might be intimidating about classic personal finance works; there are no strict budgets, investment pie charts, or nine-step programs to make you feel inadequate. It's just stories. Yaeger tells the real-life stories of fellow "cheapskates" who live very, very happily well below their means. Their anecdotes range from silly to hilarious to unbelievable to sweet. Best of all, they're each unique. The people and families in Yaeger's book don't all follow a particular financial plan or spend every waking moment obsessing over pennies. They've just learned, each in their own way, how to keep their stuff from ruling their lives. The Cheapskate Next Door will leave you feeling as liberated as they are, empowered to find your own way to achieve balance and lasting happiness. Check catalog for availability.

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