At Home: A History of Private Life by Bill Bryson

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Raise your seat to its upright position and travel through your home with your guide, Bill Bryson, who has penned another readable book. He and his family live in a Victorian parson's house. He explores every room, and tracks down how and why they evolved through the ages to what we're familiar with today. He ponders why forks have four tines, how the noontime supper evolved into the evening dinner, and where the phrase "room and board" came from. Lord Beresford mistakenly entered a guest room looking for his mistress, crowed "Cock-a-doodle-doo" and jumped into a bed that was being used by his wife and the Bishop of Chester is one of the many fun anecdotes Bryson's fans come to expect to read. Check catalog for availability. To listen to an interview on Travel with Rick Steves, Bill Bryson at Home; Antiquities and Archeology; Open Phones: Budget Travel Tricks click here. Bill Bryson found the ultimate bargain travel destination, by staying home to get acquainted with the 19th century English parsonage he lives in. This interview is a glimpse into just how much the comforts of home have changed in only a few generations' time. The interview also makes sense out of the rubble of antiquity with the help of guides from Greece and Egypt. And, listeners offer their tips for saving money on a place to call home on your next vacation to Europe.

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