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Behind You By Jacqueline Woodson

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Behind You is a stand alone sequel to Woodson's If You Come Softly.

Jeremiah (nicknamed Miah), who is African American, is mistakenly killed by police. Miah's girlfriend Ellie, his divorced parents, his friends Carlton, Kennedy, Nelia and others who knew Miah are all faced with how to go on living after the tragic death of Jeremiah, but they still feel his presence. "And the wind starts blowing soft and high as a song." "You ain't all gone, are you, Miah?" The story gently takes the reader through the difficulties of grieving and letting go for everyone who knew Jeremiah.

Woodson poetically and gently alternates the voices of family and friends with the touching spiritual voice of Miah who remembers the life he left behind as he begins his journey into a new world, but "it's not easy to let go." "When you die, your voice becomes the wind and whispers to the living." "Who knew a surprising cool breeze was someone who had gone before you, saying. "You're loved."

Submitted by Sue @ Tippecanoe

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