I Hate To Cook Book (50th Anniversary Edition) by Peg Bracken

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Fans of the hit series Mad Men who marvel at the "pre-cholesterol-awareness" culinary delights that appear on the Draper's dinner table will get their answer in the pages of this classic cookbook first published in 1960. In a new introduction, Peg Bracken's daughter sets the tone. The original cookbook "was born from a group of professional women who would have been much happier sipping martinis...than spending the cocktail hour in the kitchen, slaving over a hot stove." As someone who loves to cook (at least when I have time) I doubted I'd enjoy her viewpoint or her recipes, but I was wrong. Bracken's sharp wit and keen insights into the social milieu of the period are hilarious and on target, and the recipes are quick and not entirely unhealthy. Whether you're dealing with the "The Leftover - Or, Every Family Needs a Dog" or hosting "Little Kids Parties - Or, They Only Came for the Balloons", you'll find some laughs, some timeless kitchen hints and a newfound respect for the author, whose unabashed plea to good cooks was "Invite us over often, please. And stay away from our husbands." Check Catalog Availability.

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