Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins


Mockingjay is the third book in the extremely popular Hunger Games trilogy for young adults. In the first two books in the series, 16 year old, Katniss Everdeen survived two trips into the Hunger Games arena where tributes from 12 districts are forced to fight to the death in televised competition by the evil rulers of the Capitol. As Mockingjay begins, Katniss has just escaped the arena with help from District 13. For the moment Katniss, her family, and best friend Gale are all safe. But Katniss cannot help but worry about the friends she left behind in the Capitol, especially Peeta who fought beside her in the arena and is now a prisoner of President Snow. Uprisings have begun in the other 11 districts and Katniss's home District 12 has been destroyed. President Snow wants to take his revenge on the girl who has become a symbol of freedom for those who were once so completely under his control. No one connected with Katniss is safe so she is forced to take an active role in promoting the uprisings though she begins to doubt the motives of the leaders of District 13 as much as she once hated the actions of President Snow and the Capitol.

Many teens (and adults) will eagerly read to find a resolution to the Katniss/ Peeta/ Gail triangle but the book is not a romance. It is more a story about war and what happens to people in war. What is the role that media plays in war? Does power always have a corrupting influence? Can anyone who has fought in a war not be changed forever? What is the real price of freedom? These questions and many more are raised by the story. Once again the author ties in many intriguing threads to create a thoughtful and moving story with no easy answers.

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