Celebrate Native American Heritage


November is Native American Heritage Month. Here in Milwaukee there is one remaining Indian burial mound, and it is located in Lake Park, at Lake Drive just south of Locust St. It's a great area for a walk, so get out there and find the commemorative plaque placed by the Wisconsin Historical Society in 1910. Check out Lake Park Friends to find out more about this important cultural site.

I recently read Wabi: A Hero's Tale by Joseph Bruchac. Bruchac writes fantastic stories that include elements of traditional Native American stories. In this book, we meet Wabi, an owl with a keen interest in the nearby human community. The people there have a legend about a powerful Village Guardian. Will Wabi be able to protect the people, or endanger himself by getting too close to the humans? Whether serious or whimsical, Joseph Bruchac's books are always worth a read.

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