Denim Diaries by Darrien Lee

In this series each book ends with a cliff hanger drawing the reader into the next book. The subjects of drugs, peer pressure, teen pregnancy, gangs and gun violence are treated in a matter of fact, up-to-date manner. While this series may appeal to readers of African American Urban Fiction, the author avoids the excessive profanity and graphic violence usually associated with the genre. Denim Diaries books are faith-based, but not heavy handed. The story diverges to include Denim's friends, yet always comes backs to Denim Mitchell reflecting on feelings and events in her diary. Though some issue is always left unresolved to be picked up in another volume, each story is developed enough to allow reading the books independently, or out of sequence.

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Denim Diaries #1: Sixteen Going on Twenty-one
Denim and Dre are in love. Dre's father is involved in "running numbers" - illegal gambling. Denim's parents don't approve of Dre's family business, and want Denim to go to college. Dre and his entire family disappear. Is Dre's disappearance connected to the death of gangster Lil' Carl, or the shots fired at a party that opens the story?

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Denim Diaries #2: Grown in 60 Seconds
Tthe story from Sixteen Going on Twenty-one continues. Will we find out why Dre's family has gone into hiding, or if Lil' Carl's murder is related to Dre's disappearance? Will Denim and Dre be reunited? Will Denim's estranged friend Patrice live through her complicated pregnancy? Will Denim forgive Patrice for getting pregnant, ruining their plan to attend college together? Read it to find out.

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Denim Diaries #3: Queen of the Yard
This book brings the return of Brianna. Brianna Baxter, AKA Patience, briefly introduced in Grown in Sixty Seconds, is the statuesque honor student and the leader of the gang BGR - Brown Girls Rule. Patience and Denim become friends, when Denim alerts Patience that she overheard girl gang members plotting to assassinate her. Will Patience/Brianna be able to shut down the BGR as she plans to? Will she lose her life, or make her way out of the "hood"?

Continue reading the series with #4 Broken Promises, and, coming later this November is #5, Raising Kane.

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