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A Ticket to the Circus by Norris Church Mailer


From page one of Norris Church Mailer's memoir it's clear you've jumped into a life that was never dull. Mailer opens by describing her childhood in Alabama and follows it up with details of her first failed marriage and her life as a single mother (including time she spent with Bill Clinton). She quickly gets to the year she turned 26, which is also the year she met Norman Mailer and their rocky relationship began. When they met, Norman Mailer was married to one woman (his fourth wife), living with another woman and seeing several others. He was also twice Norris Church Mailer's age and he had seven children. Mailer was aware of all of this and she remained undaunted moving from Alabama to New York to be with him. In 1980, Norris Church Mailer married Norman Mailer and they lived the rest of their lives together. He died in 2007 and she died last month.

Mailer's memoir is fast-paced, warm, and honest. At times this fascinating book reads like a breezy People Magazine article and yet it forces you to reflect on heavy topics like marriage, feminism, adultery, the joy of following your heart and the pain of having it broken.

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