Blacklands by Belinda Bauer

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Every moment of twelve-year-old Steven Lamb's life has been shaped by the uncle he never met, murdered as a child twenty years before. Steven knows - just knows - that if he can find Uncle Billy's body buried on the moor, his distant and fragmented family will finally be able to love him. When three years of secret digging turn up nothing but sheep bones, Steven takes a desperate step: he writes to the serial killer who murdered Billy. The ensuing game of cat-and-mouse between the incarcerated but unreformed killer and the desperate, clever child is riveting. But it's Steven's pervasive sadness, his adolescent struggle with the dank unfairness of his life, which sets this book apart from other thrillers. Thick with suspense and melancholy, Blacklands will grip you from the first few atmospheric words to the final sentence - one of the best final sentences I've read in a long time. Blacklands is the winner of the 2010 Crime Writers' Association Golden Dagger award.

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