Blood Count by Reggie Nadelson

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Blood Count is a dark, brain-twisting tale of mystery and murder in the Artie Cohen series. Set in the frigid cold of Harlem in December 2008, detective Artie Cohen is awakened by a late-night call from his ex girlfriend, Lily Hanes, begging for his help. Lily, who has been working on the Barack Obama campaign, has been living at the Louis Armstrong Apartments, one of Harlem's great buildings--and has discovered her Russian neighbor, Marianna Simonova, has died. Lily fears she's at fault and needs Artie's Russian connections. While Harlem is in ecstatic celebration of Obama's election, one by one the tenants of the Armstrong die. Artie, out of his element, a white detective in a black world, is drawn into a world of race, greed, ideological conflict, and love--with an ending one could never predict.

Submitted by Richard @ MPL Central

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