Too Many Magicians by Randall Garrett

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1966 looks very different in a world in which the Plantagenet kings have remained in perpetual power, and the discovery of the Laws of Magic obviated the need for the study of the physical sciences. Crime, however, looks about the same.

When a high-profile Master wizard is murdered in a physically and magically sealed room, it's deduction, not thaumaturgy, that can reveal the culprit. Enter Lord Darcy, a man with no magical abilities but a stunning analytical mind. Fans of Sherlock Holmes or Nero Wolfe will recognize this brusque yet brilliant character with unimpeachable integrity.

What begins as a classic locked-room mystery evolves with brilliant turns of plot, well-drawn characters, and a touch of magic that only serves to highlight the magnitude of Darcy's scientific genius. Highly recommended for all lovers of puzzles, and guaranteed to keep you guessing until the last moment.

Too Many Magicians can also be found in the compilation Lord Darcy.

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