Did You Resolve to Save Money This Year?

According to a recent poll by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion, saving money was the third most popular New Year's resolution. If you're better at breaking resolutions than making them, don't fret. These books will help you find ways to make saving money painless, even fun. (And hey! You're already saving money by using the library instead of buying books! See, it's easy. Keep up the good work.)

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Moms saving money by the Tightwad twins, Ann Fox Chodakowski & Susan Fox Wood
For anybody trying to run a household on a budget, the Tightwad Twins offer clever tips for trimming the fat.

Thrifty living by Barty Phillips
Whether you're ready to start setting aside some extra money for a vacation or you're just trying to make ends meet, Phillips offers creative, practical solutions for saving in all areas of your life.

The coupon mom's guide to cutting your grocery bills in half : the strategic shopping method proven to slash food and drugstore costs by Stephanie Nelson
Coupon clippers, rejoice! CouponMom.com, a website which helps you combine store deals with coupons to get items at almost no cost, has been a smash hit. In this book, its creator reveals her methods for significantly reducing your grocery bills - even if you're already a pretty savvy shopper.

Save big : cut your top 5 costs and save thousands by Elisabeth Leamy
Each tip in this book is intended to save you at least $1000. Of particular interest is a section on coping with health care costs.

The new frugality : how to consume less, save more, and live better by Chris Farrell
Farrell, the host of NPR's Marketplace Money, offers timely tips on living a more frugal and fulfilling life. Includes information on current tax policies and regulations.

573 ways to save money : save the cost of this book many times over in less than a day! by Peter Sander and Jennifer Sander
The title says it all - a wide variety of money-saving tips.

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