Electric Barracuda by Tim Dorsey


Tim Dorsey's new novel, Electric Barracuda, takes serial killer and state historian Serge A. Storms and his sidekick Coleman on another trek through Florida, this time on his Fugitive Tour. What better way to take a vacation in Florida than to pretend to be a fugitive and hide out in all the most remote places the state has to offer? After all, Florida is where everyone on the run hides, including Al Capone. But is it really all pretend and does Serge know who is on his tail? And how does his great grandfather's old gang figure into the whole mess? Once again Serge's travels create more questions, but all is answered and before the surprising end. Dorsey's newest book reveals new twists and surprises for long time readers, including a major one that could lead to interesting plots in future novels. This was a refreshing read and the surprises made it one of my favorites of the series.

Mr. Dorsey will be in Milwaukee at the Mystery One Bookstore on Saturday, March 5, 2011 at 2 p.m. A frequent guest, Mr. Dorsey braves the Wisconsin cold weather to bring us some Florida fun. If you're not already a Serge fan come in and you'll become one.

Submitted by Eric @ MPL Central

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