FDR's Funeral Train by Robert Klara

fdrs train.jpg When President Franklin Roosevelt died in April, 1945 a funeral train took his casket from Warm Springs, Ga. to his family home in Hyde Park, N.Y. for burial. This book tells the story of that trip. The cars and engines and route of the train are described in detail, as are the crowds that gathered along the journey in tribute to FDR. However most of the book relates what happened on the train. Roosevelt's casket was first brought to Washington, D.C. for a brief memorial service in the White House. The train then went from Washington to Hyde Park carrying 140 of the most important members of the federal government, including President Truman, most of the cabinet and all nine justices of the Supreme Court. The author uses diaries, memoirs and declassified Secret Service documents to describe what took place on the train as President Truman took control of the federal government and prepared his critical State of the Union Message. This popular history provides an interesting snapshot of the people and events on board FDR's funeral train. Check catalog for availability.

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