Getting to Happy by Terry McMillan

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It's been fifteen years since we were introduced to Robin, Savannah, Gloria and Bernadine, the four thirtysomething women of Waiting to Exhale. Why the long wait? Well, McMillan has been through a lot. She's weathered a lengthy divorce, spurred by the revelation that her husband is gay and a lawsuit concerning a potentially reputation damaging phone message. Happily, everything is resolved and we can catch up with the ladies.

Now, they are fiftysomething and are being forced to start their lives over, each for different reasons. Robin, single mother to teenage Sparrow, has become a shopaholic. Savannah is bored with her husband Isaac, and thinks being single sounds unexpectedly appealing. Gloria is blissfully happy in her marriage to Marvin and though Bernadine has remarried a man named James, things may not be as perfect as they seem.

The value of friendship, faith in one another, and hope transcends all as they help each other through hot flashes, heart attacks, internet porn, grandkids, job loss and so much more. Check catalog for availability.




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