It Feels So Good When I Stop by Joe Pernice

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For some reason I found the frazzled and frayed life of the unnamed narrator in It Feels So Good When I Stop to be compelling, irrelevant and hugely entertaining. The story, or lack of, focuses on the personal disasters that define the young narrator's life. He screws up his job, screws up his relationship with Jocelyn, the woman he loves but repeatedly flees from, and screws up babysitting for his nephew.
Though the poor guy has the best of intentions, things just don't seem to work out the way he wished they would. Then he met Marie while drinking beer in his backyard. She just stumbled up, drunk, bummed a beer and voila, the inept man's life was forever changed. This is a love story that the manliest of men could admit to having read because the clueless narrator exhibits a little bit of the foolishness and obliviousness that I imagine every man feels while in the clutches of a love he may or may not want to be part of but can't stop the train from rolling along.

Joe Pernice, the author of It Feels So Good When I Stop, is also an accomplished musician who created a soundtrack album based on songs and bands that appear in this fictional work. Check out the soundtrack for the entire literary experience!

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