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Matched by Ally Condie.

Two reviews were submitted for this fantastic new book and here they are!

Cassia Reyes lives in a futuristic city riddled with rules. Everyone follows the rules without much question, and Cassia has always been a shining example of obedience. On her 17th birthday she is invited to a special ceremony to determine who her partner for the rest of her life will be. The outcome is a bit of a shock to everyone, and a huge relief and disappointment of sorts to Cassia. The "Match" picked for her seems acceptable until Cassia falls in love with someone else. The new boy pushes Cassia to question the authorities and grow beyond what the society wants, which sets her up for the exciting adventure of awakening to the realization that she wants to make her own decisions. There's an eerie foreboding throughout this exciting story of first love and personal choice.

Submitted by Kellie M. at Forest Home Library


In the future, after our civilization has fallen, Cassia Maria Reyes lives a normal, quiet, healthy and happy life with her mother Aida, father Patrick and brother Bram in Mapletree Borough governed overall by The Society. The story opens with seventeen year old Cassia and her family on their way to her Match Banquet where The Society will reveal her future husband. Although she read all of the prerequisite literature provided by The Society, Cassia remains nervous. Author Ally Condie slowly reveals details of life under the supervision of The Society which exists to provide an environment, based on statistics and predictions, that promotes the healthiest, happiest, most successful life possible. In order to do so all regular citizens carry a scancard, wear the same clothes, eat the same food based on optimum nutritional values, do not run in public (it is improper and disruptive), have scheduled recreation time, work time, curfew, and much more. By removing choices, The Society attempts to create an utopia. As I read about each additional rule and restriction I became more and more uncomfortable with this new and improved world. The Society strongly discourages individuality, worrying, and curiosity, so what happens when someone does?

Submitted by Valerie at Central

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