O: A Presidential Novel by ????


One of the more interesting reads of early spring may be O: A Presidential Novel. The "O," of course, is President Obama, but the author is anonymous. We've seen this before; in 1996, Primary Colors, also by "Anonymous," about the Clinton administration was released. It was a best seller and made into a movie. After weeks of speculation, it was revealed that "Anonymous" was actually Time magazine journalist Joe Klein. So, not much is being said about the content of the new book, but the recently released website from the publisher is interesting; click here to view. You can review the characters and speculate on their true identities while they work on winning the 2012 presidential election. What do you think about the idea of releasing a book without identifying the author? Is it a worthwhile publicity stunt?

January 27, 2011 update** No longer written by 'anonymous', Time magazine identifies Mark Salter, from Davenport, Iowa as the author. Salter is known for his collaborations with United States Senator John McCain on several nonfiction books as well as on political speeches.

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