Savages by Don Winslow


In a word, the novel Savages is, well, savage. It takes place in Southern California and Mexico jumping from the perspectives of people in the drug trade. The main characters are two twentysomething marijuana producers who are forced to team up with a Mexican drug cartel after the cartel kidnaps their female friend. Fighting to get their friend released, the men resort to methods that push readers into a fierce, adrenaline-filled world.

Winslow's laconic style takes some time to get used to, but after you do you fly through the book eager to see what's next. Savages provides a fascinating look at American culture using language sure to make you feel more cool and hip than you did when you started the novel. The ending isn't completely satisfying; although the thrill ride the book takes you on to get you there makes it easy to forgive.

Submitted by Amy @ MPL Central

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