The Pacific

The Pacific, written by Hugh Ambrose (son of Stephen Ambrose) parallels his father's work with Band of Brothers. Both books were also developed into compelling HBO mini-series.

The Pacific follows the war-time experiences of five men through their various experiences fighting in World War II's pacific campaign. Because of the nature of the Pacific campaign the narrative does not unfold in a linear manner. Fighting in the Pacific in World War II happened as a series of separate incidents as the Marines, Army, and Navy personnel moved from one island to the next.

Ambrose follows the five men covered in the books through the major battles of the Pacific Campaign. The reader gets to know the personalities of the five men and becomes completely involved in their lives during this chapter of World War II. Their experiences start before the war and the reader is taken through the war and into its aftermath. Central to each of the stories is the transformation that each man goes through as a result of his service.

This book offers a fascinating read and the narrative moves the reader quickly through the 489 pages of material.




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