Orchid Beach by Stuart Woods

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First in a series by Woods, featuring a female lead, Holly Barker, Orchid Beach is loaded with action. Ms. Barker, who left the army after a sexual harassment complaint against a superior, takes a job as police chief at Orchid Beach. The police chief she was to replace is found shot not long after she arrives. For a while, he's in a coma. His best friend is found murdered. Holly inherits the friend's dog, Daisy (a Doberman who can retrieve a can of beer from a refrigerator), as a protector, and a police department full of resentment toward her for coming in from the outside. There's something fishy going on at an exclusive resort in Orchid Beach. Holly investigates. The FBI gets involved. Lots of action makes up for a lack of character development in this first book of the series. Readers will find out a lot more about Holly in future installments. The Holly Barker series are fun to read and include: Orchid Blues, Blood Orchid, and Hothouse Orchid.

Submitted by Kathy R @ Zablocki

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