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Brady Brady Brady: The Complete Story of the Brady Bunch as Told by the Father - Son Team Who Really Know by Sherwood and Lloyd Schwartz

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I grew up watching the Brady Bunch in syndication; it was my favorite television show for a number of years. Because of that, I have read everything related to the Brady Bunch. With a number of the actors becoming reality stars in the past few years, (Florence Henderson/Carol Brady being the most recent, with her turn in the ballroom on Dancing with the Stars), interest for the Brady's never seems to fade.

The book offers something for everyone. As opposed to other books about the Brady's which concentrate on the actors and any love connections, this one talks more about behind the scenes information, like episodes and the details of producing the show. Readers learn how the Brady Bunch came to fruition and a lot about Sherwood Schwartz, who besides the Brady's, was also the mastermind behind Gilligan's Island.

The book is broken into two parts, one by Sherwood and one by his son Lloyd. The tones of the two are quite different. Each address a lot of the same topics, like problems with ABC, working with child actors and working with the infamously hard to deal with Robert Reed (Mike Brady), but while Sherwood is generally more humble and professional, Lloyd is more egotistical and harsh. The two perspectives offer an interesting new look at the Brady Bunch.

Submitted by Meredith, Wisconsin Talking Book Library

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