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Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool

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Jumping off a train is easy. It's landing that's difficult.

But 12 year old Abilene Tucker is used to jumping off trains. It's the dust-bowl days of the depression, and she's been riding the rails with her father as long as she can remember. When he sends her away to his hometown of Manifest, Kansas over the summer, Abilene is crushed.

Despite its name, Manifest is slow to give up its secrets. Why is this struggling little town so different from the bustling, lively place in her father's memories? Why did Abilene's father send her here, so far from him and the only life she's ever known? Who is the Rattler, the mysterious spy rumored to be skulking in the woods? And above all, why doesn't anybody seem to have any stories about her father?

With the help of two school friends, a pastor who also runs the local speakeasy, a fortune-teller who lives on the Path to Perdition, and a spunky nun, Abilene uncovers Manifest's true past - and her own.

This Newberry award winner will captivate you from the first page to the last with its honest and perceptive narrator, deeply evocative setting, and beautiful language. You don't have to be a child to remember the thrill of an illicit game of exploration, the long hot days of summer vacation, or the way your world changed when you realized your parents were only human. A brilliant debut.

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