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Remember Me by Mary Higgins Clark

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Known as the "Queen of Suspense" Mary Higgins Clark never fails to tell a good story. This is one of her older books, but is nonetheless just as entertaining, if not more, as her newer ones.

Remember Me's general plot is centered on Menley Nichols who is suffering post-traumatic stress disorder from the death of her son a year ago. Her husband, her, and their new baby travel to Cape Cod to help the family relax. Menley's symptoms seem to other to be getting worse, she is hearing her dead son call to her and people hear her crying when she is not. She denies the allegations and blames them on the mystery of the house. The mystery of the house involves a sea captain, his wife, and her assumed lover; this subplot helps weave an interesting history of Cape Cod into the book. There is also a mystery of a drowned newlywed and if her death was accidental or caused by her husband. The plots are artfully interwoven and all come back to a woman with Alzheimer's. Though there are a lot of plots and plot twists, the book is engaging and easy to follow. Even if it does not leave you guessing whodunit, it will leave you guessing as to why and how!

Submitted by Meredith, Wisconsin Talking Book Library

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