The Bradbury Report by Steven Polansky

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The Bradbury Report by Steven Polansky (c2009)

Written as a first-person journal, this book examines the idea of human cloning for body parts by cloning whole functioning beings rather than individual organs. Using the pseudonym of Ray Bradbury, the journalist - a retired math teacher - describes how he met his own clone and went on the lam to Canada in the company of an old college girlfriend while the clone's language skills are coached and he is acclimated to normal human social mores. There are no good endings in a book like this, nor does Polansky give us more than an outline of conjectures about the clone-raising operation. Still the book gave me an interesting way to look at the consequences - both socially and morally - of such a widespread government-sponsored program. Check catalog for availabilty.

- submitted by Leah @ Wisconsin Talking Book & Braille Library

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