The Lonely Polygamist by Brady Udall

The Lonely Polygamist is the best book I read in 2010 and I was apparently not the only one who thought this way. It made a number of 'Top Ten" lists of 2010, including Publisher's Weekly and Amazon.

lonely polygamist.jpg The Lonely Polygamist tells the story of a Golden Richards, his four wives, twenty-eight children, dog, failing construction company and affair. If that sounds like a lot to cover it is. The book is long (602 pages), but it reads quickly telling the engaging story of Golden trying to provide for his large family by building a Nevada whorehouse. This is of course against his morals and he must hide this from his family and church - not that easy to do when you have so many people vying for your time. While building he runs into a lot of issues, including falling for the owner's wife. There are also interesting subplots that help develop the characters of his four wives and some of his children. As you read the book, you cannot help but feel sorry for Golden and understand that in a family of so many how one can start to feel lonely...

Submitted by Meredith, Wisconsin Talking Book Library

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