The Troubled Man by Henning Mankell


How dare Henning Mankell try to end the Kurt Wallander mystery series! Over the years I have grown to know Kurt as a very close friend, thanks to the exceptional writing of Henning Mankell. We've gone through many a mystery together and I guess I just hoped it would never end.

In The Troubled Man, the latest, and supposedly last, in the series, Mankell leaves it up to the reader to determine exactly who the troubled man is. I agree with many that Henning Mankell is Sweden's master crime writer, but this novel also demonstrates his skill in articulating the inchoate qualities of growing older. The reader is with Kurt as he cleverly solves the disappearance of his daughter's in-laws and gets to know his new granddaughter. Alas, I cannot describe more as it would spoil Mankells' deft revelation of events. Let me just say this one is remarkable. It's like a single potato chip. If you read one, you'll find that you'll have to read them all--preferably in order.

Submitted by Tricia @ Capitol

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