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Across the Universe by Beth Revis


Amy had a choice--be frozen and join her parents on a 300 year voyage to a new planet or choose not to be frozen and stay behind with her Aunt and Uncle (and her friends and her life). This is where I left her months ago when I read a first chapter teaser before publication. Well it was worth the wait to find out what happened. Godspeed, the ship, has been continuing on its journey with a crew that is now many generations removed from the original. Elder, the leader-in-training, saves Amy from certain death when she is awoken prematurely. Elder, also a teen, has lots of questions and Eldest, his teacher, isn't very forthcoming with answers. Eldest says that the first cause of discord is differences and Amy is quite different from anyone else on the ship. As tensions increase and the lies keep unfolding, Elder and Amy come together to save the others who are still frozen; find a murderer and ultimately save the ship itself. Told in alternating chapters, we get Elder's viewpoint of one who has never known Earth and will probably not know the new Earth and then Amy's viewpoint as one who left everything on Earth to be with her parents and now might never see them again. Action, suspense, plot twists, romance--who could ask for more? Check catalog for availability.

Submitted by Lynn @ Center Street

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