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If Facebook and I were in a relationship, the status would be "It's Complicated." Yes, I greatly appreciate having a venue to instantaneously keep in touch with hundreds of friends all the way from my high school days through my present circle of coworkers and confidantes. However, I also find the ever-growing and ever-changing number of features and ways to share information on the site positively overwhelming at times. Of course, if I was a teenager who was born texting, this would all be second nature. I've had my page for several years now, so I can only imagine how intimidating Facebook might be for an adult who is less savvy or comfortable with the wide array of social media options available. And, admit it: if you saw The Social Network in the theaters last year you are at least a bit curious, right?

Enter the manuals! I've found a couple of books to ease your foray into Facebook, or enhance the experience you're currently having. The first is more comprehensive, the second more concise, but both cover the basics quite well. One topic covered in both books that is essential to any discussion of social media is privacy. This is a lesson best learned before something goes wrong - learn how to keep the world from seeing things you don't want them to see on your page.

Facebook for Grown-Ups by Michael Miller
Sams Teach Yourself Facebook in 10 Minutes by Sherry Kinkoph Gunter

If you have teens in your life, chances are they already live on Facebook and could give you a tip or two. After you check out one of these books, you may be ready to share a tip or two of your own! And please let them know the Teens of Milwaukee Public Library Facebook page is up and running! We've got information about teen programs and events happening at all 13 MPL locations, book reviews, updates from our own Teen Advisory Board, and information about job and volunteer opportunities. Visit Teens of Milwaukee Public Library and become a fan today!

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